Cruise Itinerary 2019

5 Nights / 6 Days (21 AUG - 26 AUG 2019)


If you are arriving to Barcelona on the same day of the ship departure, then we recommend that you book your flights to reach Barcelona

no later than 12 Noon to ensure sufficient transportation time to the ship. (Guests must be on board by 3:30 pm at the latest)

Day 1 – Wednesday AUG 21st   : Depart Barcelona Cruise Terminal (Spain) at 5 pm.  
Day 2 – Thursday AUG 22nd     : Arrival  CANNES (France) at 8 am. Departure 4 pm. 
Day 3 – Friday AUG 23rd           : Arrival  CAGLIARI (Italy) at 11 am. Departure 6 pm. 
Day 4 – Saturday AUG 24th     : Full day at sea.  
Day 5 – Sunday AUG 25th         : Arrival PALMA M. (Spain) 8 am. Departure 5 pm. 
Day 6 – Monday AUG 26th        : Arrival Barcelona Cruise Terminal (Spain) at 6 am.  


If you are leaving Barcelona on disembarkation day, we recommend that you book your flights out of Barcelona after 11:00 Noon.

For those passengers who need a visa to enter Europe, the visa required for this trip is a SHENGEN VISA valid for the whole journey.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Purchasing your own TRAVEL INSURANCE through your travel agent or online is strongly recommended.